“I’m fine thank you, and you?”

Polite communication after divorce is not rocket science. Here is a sample: Q: “How are you?” A: “I’m fine thank you,  and you?” R: “Fine, thank you.”  Polite and responsive. Poor communication (mean, rude, snarky and virtually always non-responsive) is sometimes the only weapon left in the armory for someone who wants to be hurtful. Especially…Read more »

crap·shoot noun \ˈkrap-ˌshüt\ : something that could produce a good or bad result

I’ve been throwing around the term, “Crap Shoot” a lot this week as a way to explain to people why they do not want to go to Family Court to deal with their custody matter.  I started to worry that I sounded rude, or just too darn negative, so I looked up the definition, and there…Read more »