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Family Court litigation is hard on kids. Its hard on parents too, but its especially hard on kids. After 20 years of working in the Family Court system, I still have a hard time figuring out how to make Family Court a less painful process for children and their parents.  Judges, attorneys and child advocates are always coming up with some new strategy or another to “lessen the pain” of litigation, but somehow, the pain remains as acute as ever. Lots of families never make it into Family Court. They work out the details of their divorces or separations with the help of mediators, family members, friends…or they just figure it out together, sitting at the kitchen table with a box of kleenex and a calendar.  But divorce and separation is not, generally, a time of cooperation and friendship.  The emotions around divorce and separation are the hardest emotions we ever deal with as humans;  loss, hurt, sadness, rage, resentment and fear of the unknown. These feelings don’t make things easier during this difficult time when being reasonable, thoughtful, sensible and pragmatic are the traits that would be the most helpful. The negative emotions prevail and  parents find themselves on the road to Family Court.  This blog is about that road to Family Court. How can we make Family Court easier for children and their parents?  How can we structure legal representation in a way that focuses on children’s best interests?  What are Best Interests?  There is a lot to talk about and I am excited about generating some interesting conversation and maybe even identifying some “systemic” changes that can be made to lessen the pain of separation and divorce on children and the parents who love them.

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